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About Trevor Crist

Trevor Crist is the primary songwriter and lead singer for Maple Run Band. He is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, contributing guitar, piano, organ, and drum parts both in the studio and in live shows. 

Trevor's musical journey started with piano lessons at a young age. He soon took up the drums and percussion, playing concert snare, timpani, marching toms, xylophone and drum set at a young age. 

He toured extensively around the east coast and midwest, and recorded an album as the drummer for Tasty Llama, sharing bills with bands like the Samples and Widespread Panic.

He later joined Construction Joe, the Burlington, Vermont alt-country band that put out two albums and toured regionally, sharing the stage with acts including Guster and The Jayhawks.

As the leader of Maple Run Band, he acts as primary songwriter and producer, and has overseen the production of both Maple Run Band albums, which were both recorded primarily at his home studio, the Carriage Barn, a reclaimed 1800s barn located in the woods of northern Vermont.


Photo by Ambient Photography

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